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Welcome To My World Of illusion

The World Is Truly Only An Illusion... We Exist Here... There May Be The Rare Occasion When Someone Intrudes And Adds A Little Magic... On These Pages I Hope You Find A Small Shard Of That Magic

Come to my world and meet my family and friends. We are from
Prodigy Night People
and no we are not vampires But I do clean some walls and floors on a daily basis due to fights and fusses. So come join us if you dare.
Alas, Prodigy Classic no longer is a part of this world, But the magic will always remain.

Cold tendrils of mist ebbs and flows around you,
threatening to trap you forever in an endless gray void.
Shrouded by the hypnotic mist with only eldritch lights to illuminate your way.
Be wary of your step for the mist will obscure your understanding.
Come, follow me,
I am Elf.
I will lead you to the edge of my illusional mist.
Where warmth and magic await you.
Listen closely as I take my leave,
For you may hear the illusive
Sound Of Elfin Laughter

Being Deeply Loved By Someone Gives You Strength While Loving Someone Deeply Gives You Courage

terq.JPG (22396 bytes)

Entrance To The Tree Of Woe
"In Loving Memory Of xTerqx"
Until the winds of change slip in and We all come full circle..
And our paths cross again..
Pamela elf :)

Ok I Have To Throw This In
so beat me

And Old Irish Curse
"May Those That Love Us Love Us;
And Those That Don't Love Us,
May God Turn Their Hearts;
If He Can't Turn Their Hearts,
May He Turn Their Ankles,
So We'll Know Them By Their Limping."

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